3 ways to get involved

1 – port melbourne personal training

I.C.E (Intense Cardiovascular Exercise)
› 1 person – $55 per session
› 2 people – $42.50 per person per session

F.I.R.E (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise)
› 1 person – $80 per session
› 2 people – $60 per person per session

Multi session rate

› 1 person – from $130 per week
› 2 people – from $97.50 per person per week

All clients receive a complimentary assessment and messinofitness t-shirt, cap and training towel.



2 – online transformation program

Get started for less than $50 per week? Our 12 week Metabolic Precision online program includes:

› The 6 secrets of a successful body transformation
› Metabolic classification – so you know what & when to eat
› Metabolic timing – learn how to make food work for you!
› Coaching on how to reprogram your habits & be calorie aware
› Over 150 delicious metabolically precise recipes – construct a meal in 10 minutes!
› Daily plans to suit your needs & lifestyle
› Metabolic Precision training & nutrition diary
› Metabolic Precision Cookbible, DVD & online resource
› Metabolic Precision Gold Edition manual
› PLUS, Gold Membership access to mp-body.com

Your investment:  $49.95 p/w for 12 weeks (or $599 single payment)

I will be your Coach and Mentor over the 12 weeks and work with you to assist in achieving your health and fitness goals!

• Straightforward, and easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.
• No guessing or conflicting information.
• A tailored solution to suit your body type.



3 – complete body transformation

This life changing 12 week Metabolic Precision Transformation Program combines both of the above programs and will help you feel great, function well and look better!

This is a complete body transformation program including personal training, nutrition education & online coaching, plus holistic lifestyle coaching to help achieve your fitness and/or weightloss goals. Read more

Your investment: Cost of your personal training sessions + $29.95 p/w for 12 weeks (or $299 single payment)

Details here

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