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personal training

work with transformation and athletic conditioning specialist, dom messino, from $45 per week to gain fitness, have fun, and learn a holistic approach to health & fitness. learn more >>

group training

train as a group in fun, fitness-orientated social atmosphere to be encouraged and motivated. all fitness levels welcome. $29.95 per wk. unlimited sessions. learn more >>

couples training

train with your partner, family member or friend for even more accountability and motivation, plus additional cost effectiveness. from $60 per week 2:1. learn more >>

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health & fitness is not a goal, it's a lifestyle. use these tips & inspiration to assist you with your day to day health, fitness and nutrition.

Bydom messino Jun 28, 2021

4 reasons to work out as a couple

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Couples who sweat together, stay together’? It may sound a little flippant, but there’s actually some very val...

Bydom messino Apr 20, 2021

eat protein at every meal

Key to a optimal metabolic environment for fat loss and muscle recovery is to eat protein at every meal. "Really!" I hear you say. Yes, ...

Bydom messino Feb 2, 2021

whatever you do… don’t diet!

Here’s why you shouldn’t 'diet'… but rather change your lifestyle The change of seasons marks the time when many people review their goals. T...

Bydom messino Oct 28, 2020

why it’s never too late to start exercising

Exercise for over 40 year olds is even more important than in your younger years. If you’re over 40 and have never worked out or done a lot o...

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