about messino fitness

fitness port melbournehi there! I’m dom messino, sole owner and manager of messino fitness port melbourne.

my decision to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition was both a personal and professional one.

after 20 years experience in the retail industry managing complex portfolios of womens wear and mens apparel I was in an unfit and stressed state. i knew my lifestyle was not sustainable and began looking for a new career direction.

in 2015 I made the decision to step out from behind the desk and out of the corporate world completely and start my own business – messinofitness. i knew a career in health & fitness would satisfy my professional and personal needs, including that of helping others.

i am now qualified as a personal trainer and metabolic precision transformation & athletic conditioning specialist. i am fitter than I have ever been in my life and am continue to be highly passionate and enthusiastic about helping others achieve their health & fitness goals.

i have set up an ideal boutique indoor environment to conduct my personal training services and have also attained a CoPP permit to train small groups outdoors in a local port melbourne park.

i personally tailor my training programs for all Clients so your program is unique to your needs. i look forward to meeting you and creating a personalised program to achieve your body transformation and fitness goals.  enquire now

dom’s qualifications

– certificate III in fitness: SIS30313
– certificate IV in fitness: SIS40210
– metabolic precision level 1: metabolic nutrition certification
– metabolic precision level 2: transformation specialist certification
– metabolic precision level 3: certified athletic conditioning specialist
– metabolic precision level 4: ultimate PT certification
– metabolic precision certification in advanced supplementation

Metabolic Precision

What is Metabolic Precision?

“It is a science-based prescription for building muscle. The Metabolic Precision Resistance Training System is unlike any other, simply because it is science-based, both in its design and application”

Metabolism is an environment that ultimately determines:

1. How we look (body composition/shape)
2. How we function (energy production)
3. How we feel (health)

Daily short–term influences that ultimately shape our Metabolism (all of the energy we burn) over the long-term are:

• Muscle 66%
• Exercise 17%
• Nutrition 12%
• Body Temperature 5%

The 3 objectives required to meet Metabolic Precision are:

1. Muscle mass matters
2. Use exercise and nutrition as Metabolic tools for success
3. Success is a process, a journey (not a destination)